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Serious Misdemeanors

Some crimes in the state of Iowa are classified as serious misdemeanor. Under Iowa Code §903.1(1)(b), the penalty for a serious misdemeanor is a fine of not less than $315 but not more than $1,875. After a conviction for a serious misdemeanor, the court can also impose imprisonment for up to one year in the county jail.

The most common serious misdemeanors in Iowa that come with enhanced penalties of minimum penalties include:

  • OWI-1st/321J.2; OWI Boating-1st/462A.14
  • Domestic Abuse/708.2A
  • Indecent Exposure/709.9
  • Lasc Conduct/709.14
  • Sexual Exploit by Counselor/709.15(4)(c)
  • Invasion of Privacy/709.21
  • Sexual Predator/901A.2(1)
  • Sexual Predator/901A.2(2)

Uniform Bond Schedule for a Serious Misdemeanor

Iowa law provides that a person arrested for a serious misdemeanor may be released pending an initial appearance if the release is pursuant to pre-trial release procedures or a bond schedule approved by the judicial council. The uniform bond schedule sets the bond for a serious misdemeanor at $1,000.

Attorneys for a Serious Misdemeanor in Iowa

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